Sihao Sun

Sihao Sun

PhD of Robotics / Aerospace Engineering

Delft Univeresity of Technology


I’m a postdoctoral research assistant at the Robotics and Perception Group (RPG) in University of Zurich directed by Prof. Davide Scaramuzza.

In December 2020, I received my PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Control and Simulation Group of Delft University of Technology. Please check my thesis and presentation about quadrotor fault-tolerant flight control in high-speed flights.


  • Areial Robotics
  • Incremental Nonlinear Control
  • System Identification
  • Aerospace Guidance, Navigation & Control


  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering, 2020

    Delft University of Technology

  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering, 2017

    Beihang University

  • BSc in Aerospace Engineering, 2014

    Beihang University

Publication list

Autonomous Quadrotor Flight despite Rotor Failure with Onboard Vision Sensors Frames vs. Events

This algorithm uses only onboard vision sensors to control a quadrotor after complete faliure of a rotor, without the aid of GPS, UWB, or other external sensors.

Incremental Nonlinear Fault-Tolerant Control of a Quadrotor With Complete Loss of Two Opposing Rotors

This work, for the first time, applies Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion controller on an under-actuated control system, namely a quadrotor with complete loss of two opposing rotors. A high-speed wind-tunnel flight test demonstrates the robustness of this method.

High-speed flight of quadrotor despite loss of single rotor

We propose a flight controller to achieve high-speed flights of a quadrotor with one rotor entirely off. Flight tests in the wind tunnel show robustness of our controller in the presence of significant aerodynamic effects.

Upset Recovery Control for Quadrotors Subjected to a Complete Rotor Failure from Large Initial Disturbances

We introduce a flight controller that can recover a quadrotor with one rotor complete off from arbitrary initial orientations and body rates.

Aerodynamic model identification of a quadrotor subjected to rotor failures in the high-speed flight regime

In this work, we obtained an aerodynamic model for quadrotor high-speed flights, in both nominal and rotor faliure conditions.

Quadrotor gray-box model identification from high-speed flight data

In this work, we presented a gray-box aerodynamic model for a quadrotor identified from windtunnel high-speed flight data, using a step-wise regression algorithm.

Quadrotor safe flight envelope prediction in the high-speed regime: A Monte-Carlo approach

A sampling based approach for estimating the reachable set of a quadrotor in high-speed regime to predict its (dynamic) flight envelope.

Quadrotor fault tolerant incremental sliding mode control driven by sliding mode disturbance observers

This work introduces a novel control method named Incremental Sliding Mode Control, which greatly reduces model dependency and improves the robustness against uncertainties. The algorithm has been validated in a quadrotor fault-tolerant control problem in real flight.